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Dancing on the backs of the bruised

30 April
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I have Motley Crue tickets! *piddles myself with excitement*

Hmmm...about me... *looks blank*
There's not that much to say about me..im boring *pretends to cry*
o0o I'm secretly the tooth fairy, you just can't see the tutu and the wings for the trenchcoat.
I'm a stoodent at bede (but only for another few months then off to uni i shall go) The only thing I'm good at is art. I do a lot of photography work. I can't wait to leave college, i enjoyed it for the 1st year..now it just maked me want to kill myself.
Apparently i'm one of the guys (according to Ross) due to the fact that i enjoy porn and drinking beer, i'm sure it's not that strange really.
Here's some more random crap that you may like to know, I tend to wear far too much make-up but i like it (i feel naked without it.) I like stomping around in my platform boots, wearing corsets, PVC, trenchcoats etc. I have a thing about the colour purple, pretty much everything i own is either purple or black even down to my purple eyeliner and nailvarnish. I enjoy watching cartoons and any childrens TV programs from the 1980's.
I love all my pretty friends, they rock. i have a really pretty boyfriend (wife) who I love lots, even if he does insist on always telling *that* joke. He makes me play dough flowers and buys me childrens toys on demand..they sing and dance, what more could i want? ^_^ I'm childish, i know, but I'll live with it. I keep his soul in a jar on my desk *pokes it* My life pretty much revolves around him *throws love at Ben*
I love a range of music (Dimmu borgir, Inkubus sukkubus, placebo, afi, nightwish, within temptation, CoF and The cure, though the list does go on.)
I own the koolest thing ever: a bright pink spacehopper named Bob, bought for me by one of my good friends :) *waves at Stacey*

My pet hates are:
People who smoke,
People who use drugs,
Pubic hair *vomits* (especially on women)
Untrust worthy people,
Good Charlotte,
I'm done with the rant now.

I need peoples oppinions on if it is perverted or not to look under the quilt at your naked boyfriend when he's asleep.
I'm sure it's not really..
*looks innocent*

Ben moans about me hardly ever putting pictures on here, so..
Here's one of me and my wife <3

And me, looking rather fat..

My Kitty:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Finally, My best friend, Ross:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my pet!

Give me lots of huggles *attempts to look cute*

give a_fyre_inside more *HUGS*

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