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I just saw the worst thing ever…A programme on BBC 2 which seemed to be all about killing animals for food. Dad put it on innocently half way through before realising what it was about. We did however realise once the man with the large meat cutter slit the poor cows throat. WITHOUT EVEN STUNNING IT : ( I’ve never seen so much blood. It was one of the worse things I have EVER seen and has completely put me off using/eating anything that was once alive. I’m so glad I don’t eat cow. It even put me off the thought of wearing my new shoes as they’re made of one of those poor cows. However I think I love them too much.
Speaking of my shoes…..

Image hosted by

Grown up, yes? Lol
Oh well..I like them, I bought them at Crow Darlington today when I was shopping (In Darlington obviously, lol.) I also got a pretty new black and pink corset ^_^
and I finally remembered to get my photos taken so I can send away for my drivers licence. The flashing light made my eyes drip thoough, made an interesting photo anyway, lol.

I’m sure I had more to say *looks blank*
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