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Random update seems i'm quite exited:
I FINALLY found out about what all the hushed conversations about holidays between my family are about. Mum and Dad said that they are going to pay for Ben and I to go to Disney Land for my 18th birthday (if i cant think of anything that I would rather have, but lets face it..what's better than Disney Land? I love it there.) got even better than that..
Last night I was talking to mum and she said that Grandad had decided that for my 18th birthday he didn't just want to give me money that I was going to put in the bank and forget about. Also as it would be my sisters 21st birthday in the same month and he can't give her anything with her not being here to celebrate it he said he would give mum the money that would be for both of our birthdays and she has to use it to pay for me and her to go to New York. Woooo..I've always wanted to go there ^_^
*gets all over exited*

I'm so glad it's the holiday. Bens parents gave me loads of chocolate for Easter so don't be surprised if i'm REALLY fat by the time we get back to college. :\
Speaking of college etc I still need to decide if i should go to Northumbria Uni or just stay at home and go to Teesside like I originally planned...

On a completely random note, do I have "80's" taste in music? that's what Ross has decided to class my musical taste as, purely due to the fact that I listen to the cure, London after midnight, sisters of mercy etc.
P.S thank you Raaass for all the albums from the other day *kisses*
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