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Just when I thought I'd escaped..

Oh My God *kills self*

Glynis Gardener is leaving Bede college to come back here to teach psych. It's like my worst nightmare has become a reality. I'm going to fail, lol.

On a more cheerful note I got feedback from the sociology presentation I was forced to do last week. I got 68 marks which is 2 marks of the highest grade I could have got. It was also great as the teacher that marked me is a mean bastard and I expected him to give me about 10 marks. + presentation = Disasted. Wish i'd had Chris there to do it for me like in A-level psychology, lol.

I'm so bored, I'm stuck here for 4 hours then I have to go to an origins of psychology lecture which is REALLY hard to stay awake in. Although I have a happy thought for the day: Only 2 more weeks left at uni before the christmas break. Wooo.

Before I forget..What does everybody think of these:
I'm thinking of getting them in black with white trim. Or would black with red trim be better?
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