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Uni = Big and scary. Surely so many buildings are not required. I was sooo glad that Ben was there today otherwise I would have never managed to find any of the rooms I was in. It seems even bigger if I compare it to Bede :(
Today seemed to be a bit of a waste really as we hardly did anything. Was slightly disappointed all in all and at some points wished I hadn't turned down the offer from Northumbria.. But come to think of it it may have been just as bad there.
Didn't really talk to many people with Ben being there but to be honest there weren't that many people I wanted to talk to. At one point I was talking to 3 18 year old girls, all of which had children old enough to talk..Shows you the type of people who go to Teeside really. I wish I had been brave enough to move out.
Oddly enough mum went to see a psychic tonight (lol) who told her that she had an intelligent daughter who was starting something new today that she would not like or find challenging enough and within months will have moved away to do something better. Looking increasingly correct.
Hope everyone else had a better 1st day :)
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