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I'm not sure when the last time i updated was so i shall sum up the latest events in the world of kirsty.
On June the 15th i finally went to see Motley Crue, i wont babble on about it because i doubt anybody would be interested but i will say it was amazing. It wouldn't be a lie if i said it was the best gig i have ever been to. We were going to go to the Newcastle date too but decided that it was a bad idea as it was the day before the last big psychology exam, which was pretty important to me. I also missed M'boro music live due to the exams and i had been looking forwards to it for a year. *sigh* never mind.
Exams went ok, though they could have gone better and it's hard to guess what sort of grades i got so we shall just have to wait and see. anyway..the exams ended last friday which i must say came as a relief.
On June the 19th i had been going out with Ben for a whole year :)
June 25th was Ross' birthday part which was fun. However the day after was not as it ended in Ross being thrown out of his house. don't know if i should say too much about that as i don't know if Ross would want me too. Anyway..haven't seen or spoken to him since then as i dont know where he is. Hope everythings ok for him though (love you Ross.)
Last night was the A-level/AS art exhibition. Janet said that the examiner had commented on how he was impressed with my work. I'll take that as a good sign but we'll have to wait and see. As soon as i went into one of the exhibition rooms i noticed a painting that i posed for (done by Fran) of me kissing a girl. It really looked like me too :\ mum was all appalled like "is that 2 girls kissing?!" haha thank god she didn't realise who it was. (She doesn't know about that aspect of my life, lol.)
And that just about brings us to now. These 2 days should be rather boring as Ben's at work. I shall be going to the Georgian with Myke tomorrow if anyone feels like a night out :)

*wanders off*
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