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Forthcoming events

*squeaky exited noises*

Soo…Tomorrow I’ll be 18, yes that’s right..I will be an adult, lol. Which in my opinion is quite hard to believe. Anyway, I can’t wait *more exited noises*
Ross and Ben are coming round. I think they’re both staying the night. Ross is insisting that I get drunk despite the fact that I don’t even drink anymore, we’ll have to wait and see how that one turns out. Then Sunday Ben is sleeping over and on Monday Ben and I are going to Disney land, which is one of my birthday presents off the parental units. :D Disney land = best place ever. I almost feel guilty about missing the whole week of college though but at least the Monday is a bank holiday anyway + I’m sure the guilt will go away as soon as the let me loose in the Disney stores. ^_^
The only bad part about this week and next week would be not being able to see Ben tonight because he’s at work therefore I have nobody to annoy/share excitement with : ( also that I didn’t get to see him last night for the same reason. Though atleast I get to see Ross tonight.

*holds hands out for gifts*

Oh and before I forget, last night I had a really odd/random dream. I was stood at the bus stop with Ben and some other people I don’t actually know (yet seemed to know in my dream) when Stacey walked past me and got on the bus without even speaking to me, I was really offended, lol. I think there was actually more to that dream but I can’t remember it and I guess nobody cares anyway, lol.

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