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sooo...considering I thought I had failed everything I was pretty pleased at getting an A and 2 B's ^_^
I'm still convinced that there must have been some sort of mix up and I have accidentally obtained the results of an intelligent person. I can't complain anyway.
Grandma was so pleased at my results that she cried then gave me £50 :D The results/money made the totally wasted day on Thursday not seem so bad.
I slept at Ben's again last night which was fun. When I got home Mum was once again talking quietly about holidays to my sister on the phone (she seemed to have forgot about my amazing hearing skills.) The curiosity is killing me.
That pretty much brings me to now. Ben's at work so i'm all alone and incredibly bored i can't even go and see Ross as he's diseased (he has mumps, poor boy.)

*wanders off*
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